Hemp extract, recently made legal in all 50 states of the U.S., is making a splash in the wellness world for its numerous benefits and safety. If you’re ready to start adding hemp extract to your wellness regimen, but aren’t sure where to start, this dosing guide should help you figure out the right amount to add to your daily routine. Please note that these are suggestions, and that if you experience any issues, please reduce your dose to a comfortable level for your body’s individual needs.

Two strengths

Hemp extracts come in different forms and different strengths. One of the most advanced forms of hemp extract is GreenPower, which is manufactured by American BioSciences. GreenPower is a complete spectrum hemp organic extract that comes in two forms: GreenPower 10 milligram (mg) and GreenPower 20 mg. Obviously, GreenPower 20 is twice as strong as GreenPower 10, which means you might not need to take as much. We recommend GreenPower 10 if you have never tried hemp extract before, or if you are generally sensitive to supplements. Hemp extract is completely safe and almost impossible to overdose on, but it is best to note that it can be very relaxing and help you fall asleep more quickly. That is why many use GreenPower before bed or before potentially stressful situations.

The beneficial parts of the hemp plant contained in GreenPower are called cannabinoids, and they’re found in abundance in the hemp plant. These amazing compounds tap into your body’s nerve control center, located in your endocannabinoid system (ECS). Deep inside your ECS is a network of special receptors that act like a master switch, controlling vital life functions such as discomfort, immune function, sleep, and mood.

Cannabinoids have the unique ability to activate certain nerve receptors (CB1 and CB2) in your immune system, setting off a domino effect that ripples throughout your system to create a fully functioning network of neurons. When this happens, it puts your entire body back into balance, or what scientists call a state of homeostasis. As a result, discomfort and stress are turned off like a light, your immunity is strengthened, and you sleep more soundly.

Where to start

Start off with one capsule a day. Gradually add more capsules to your daily regimen until you achieve the desired effect on your health. While you can break GreenPower capsules apart and sprinkle it into food or directly into your mouth to take less than a capsule (or if you can’t swallow pills), please note that the powder itself has a unique taste.

Uses for GreenPower

GreenPower has many applications; and can help with a wide range of issues. Below are some of the myriad of reasons why more people have jumped on the hemp extract wellness train.


Hemp extract can help you fall asleep more quickly and easily at night. Whether you take it alone or combined with SLEEPSolve 24/7, you can rest assured.


If your body is producing too much adrenalin, causing you to feel tense and anxious. GreenPower releases a tidal wave of cannabinoids that attach themselves to the right receptors, literally commanding your body to stop producing too much adrenaline. The result is you feel naturally calmer. And because it also interacts with serotonin, the good mood chemical, your outlook on life brightens and you feel much happier.

General Well-being

Even if you aren’t facing any health challenge, adding a daily dose of GreenPower to your vitamin and supplement regimen can help boost your overall health and well-being. It’s like a daily vitamin that can boost everything from your immune system to your mood, and who wouldn’t want to reap the benefits of improved daily health?

Bodily Discomfort & Joint Issues

When cannabinoid levels are high, your discomfort plummets. While we recommend taking GreenPower every day to reap the full benefits, you can also take it as needed to fight any discomfort or joint issues you may face. It powers circulation, which then sends nutrient-rich, life-enhancing, oxygenated blood coursing through your system, engorging almost every vital organ and infusing them with a flood of nutrients needed to make them healthier and keep them functioning in tip-top condition.