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Boosting Your Metabolism Naturally

Managing your metabolism and giving it a boost, especially as you age, isn’t the easiest thing to do. Too often individuals struggle to drop those extra pounds that can mean the difference between looking and feeling good, or looking and feeling sluggish. In addition, when your metabolism is low or irregular, you can also struggle…read more

men's health risks

Men’s Health Risks and What You Can Do About Them

It’s common to notice the differences between men and women, both in physical appearance and perceived behaviors. Stereotypes exist because of such perceptions and culturally rooted beliefs. For example, it’s often said that “women belong in the kitchen” because historically, caring for the home, meals, and childcare was a fulltime job. There is also a…read more

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Other Benefits of High-Dose Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is exceptionally important for your overall health, and most people struggle to get enough on a regular basis. Between seasonal changes and regular indoor work environments, it’s now harder than ever before to get even adequate levels. It’s important for your health that you not be deficient in vitamin D3. In addition to…read more

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6 Groups Who Can Benefit from Natural Health Supplements

For many years, there has been a regular debate regarding the the benefits that come from a variety of natural health supplements. There is a strong case for everyone taking a multivitamin of some sort, because many people simply can’t eat enough and get enough variety in their diet in order to sustain optimal vitamin…read more

4 Sweet Treat Recipes with a Healthy Advantage

Maybe you tell yourself that you can’t have dessert because you’re trying to lose weight or maintain your weight. Maybe you know that if you have a single bite of a brownie that you won’t be able to stop with just one. Maybe you simply don’t want to consume the ingredients that are typically found…read more

Tips for Healthy Weight Loss, Especially If You’re a Mom

When many people think about healthy living, the topic of weight regularly comes up. Maintaining a healthy weight, however, can be a struggle for some people even if you know that you need to lose a few pounds. Why is maintaining a healthy weight so important? Along with feeling better and having more confidence, maintaining…read more


Understanding Your Outdoor and Indoor Allergies

Each spring, you may feel a bit of dread when buds begin to blossom and the grass starts to green once again. It’s that time of year, time for seasonal allergies to kick into high gear. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, the odds are that you aren’t a fan of spring time. The more…read more

Stomach Soothing Smoothie Recipes

We’ve all had times where our stomachs are rumbly and bubbly, times when you simply don’t feel very good because of something you ate or any number of other factors. While you may seem subject to the whims of your digestive tract, there are many things you can do in order to help you feel…read more