NK-9® Immune System Support for Pets

The #1 natural health secret that keeps pets healthy and happy!

NK-9’s ingredient, AHCC, supports a pet’s immune system by increasing Natural Killer (NK) cell activity.

NK-cells are the most important white blood cell type in the immune system. Their main role is to patrol the body, seeking and destroying any harmful cells that threaten your pet’s physical well-being. Nothing defends your pet’s health better than NK-9!

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Product Description

Want to keep your pet’s immune system tough? Need to help your furry friend sidestep a health challenge?

Your pet is aging far more rapidly than you. That’s why, for them, a super healthy immune system is even more vital. As early as middle age, their immune system begins to weaken, leaving them vulnerable. But here’s good news!

  • NK-9’s ingredient supports your pet’s immune system by maintaining Natural Killer (NK) cell activity as they age . NK-cells are your pet’s most important white blood cell type.
  • Keeps healthy pets strong.
  • Proven research.

Want to help your pet maintain a long, healthy, and happy life? Then start bulletproofing your pet’s immune system today with NK-9. It’s your best friend’s best protection!

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NK-9 usage

"We strongly believe that NK-9 has given Jack (14 yr old beagle on NK-9 for 2 years) added years, and we are so grateful to have him spend that time with us. He shows no sign of declining health, and in fact he seems healthier all the time."

Jan O., Florida

"We have two old mixed breed dogs and we have been so pleased with the increased energy in them after using NK9 and DGP. There have been no side effects and we are so happy to have our pets doing so well."

Cici V., Virginia

"Hospital work is grueling for our working dogs. We provide Animal Assisted Therapy Programs, Service Dogs, and Dog Training in the Atlanta area. It takes highly trained, healthy dogs to provide patients with the best service. We rely on NK-9 and DGP to keep our dogs healthy and sound."

Kellie C. at Cosby's Therapy Animals, Georgia

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