It’s easy to fall off the wagon this time of year. With all the shopping, holiday parties, and other obligations, we often struggle to get to the gym, or even skip it altogether.

For those planning workout sessions while attending the gym less, personal trainers warn of that mindset called “making up for lost time.” The temptation is to nail those reps and race through a cardio-blast that shouldn’t be a sprint. A properly paced session will often cover more ground and yield better results.

We all want to get the best from our workouts, and need to remember that despite an abbreviated schedule, we can’t just blitz the gym and break a sweat while still expecting to see results. Since our bodies are not used to this, they might fail to respond.

Here are some of the points the staff at a local gym shared with us and hopefully, you find them useful and encouraging.

How should we begin our workouts?    

Stretching is vital, especially now, where members have a tendency to miss more workouts. When the body is used to a certain regiment, and it’s changed, a type of atrophy sets in and needs to be addressed to avoid injury.

“The body is about to experience stress, and needs to be relaxed. Those tight tendons and contracted muscles need their elasticity to absorb the incoming punishment.”


Any tips regarding free weights?

“Less weight and more reps. Most members have a tendency to rush this time of year. Even the experienced heavy lifters can crash and don’t recover.”

“Lifting less weight might mean less resistance, but doesn’t have to equate to a lesser workout. The right way beats the wrong way every time.”



Any cardio suggestions?

“Start slow. Get the body warm and build a sweat. I’ve watched too many members begin a cardio workout like a racehorse flying out of the gate, and fifteen minutes later they’re gassed.”

“Somedays you’ll have enough reserve in the tank to push those final minutes, and other days you won’t. That’s okay. Like the rest of the year, the goal of any cardio session is to finish.”

In order for your workouts to be fruitful, you need a game plan for them to succeed. All the interviewed trainers agreed: Shorter and fewer sessions don’t have to mean compromised results, if executed on a proper scale.

Of all the benefits you receive from your workouts, the priority for most is to burn excess fat. If you mismanage your workouts, the body may resist your efforts and look for ways to store excess fat instead of reducing it. That’s also why many individuals turn to a variety of natural health supplements to provide an additional boost to their workout as well.

Work with your gym time, not against it. A well-paced workout will provide a more thorough and balanced workout. With these tips from local professionals, we hope you’ll be able to reach your goals and enjoy the results this holiday season.


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