With all the talk about natural health supplements, and the debate surrounding whether people need supplements or not, it’s important to understand the talking points when you’re considering supplements. There are many reasons that an individual might want to opt for a natural health supplement, however, would they know what to look for in a quality, beneficial supplement? The answer is probably not. While many people opt to try supplements for a variety of health concerns, not everyone knows how to pick the right supplements for their needs. Whenever you consider trying natural health supplements or even adding new ones into your routine, it’s good to consider the following to help you pick the best supplements for your health needs.

Read the Label

The first thing you should always do when considering a new natural health supplement is to read the label. You’re looking for what the active ingredients are, and even the inactive ingredients. You’ll want to choose a product that fits your needs well in order to help your specific health condition and one that is simple. What we mean by one that is simple is that you don’t necessarily want to opt for a natural supplement with tons of ingredients. Products that have just a handful of active ingredients are more likely to give the “therapeutic” dosage of the nutrients you’re looking for versus one that tries to pack in too much into a small pill. The inactive ingredients are also important to look at. Consider what is included. If your supplements have sugar or fillers, then it’s time to make a change. Also, check for potential allergens if you have specific health restrictions that need to be met.


Quality Ingredients

Choose a brand and a line of products that utilize quality ingredients and are very clear about what is included in their products. Manufacturing standards can also make a difference in the final quality of the supplement. The more information you can get about the brand and product, the better.





Consider Dosage

natural health supplementAs we briefly mentioned above, it’s important to consider the “therapeutic” or recommended dosage of any supplement. If you’ve ever read a supplement label and seen things like 3,000 percent daily value, you probably weren’t wrong to set the bottle back down. Supplements that have very clear ingredient amounts, whether in milligrams or percentages, will help you to make sure that the supplement you’re considering will be able to provide an ideal dosage amount for your needs. Some supplements can have too little or a vague description of what amount of each ingredient is included. Others can simply have way too much depending on your needs. You have to find a supplement that provides you with an appropriate dosage amount for you to be able to gain any benefits.


Personal Health

Your personal health should be the number one guiding indicator of your natural supplement needs. Not everyone needs supplements, but there are specific groups that tend to benefit from them because of various health conditions. Anytime you have a compromised immune system or have specific food restrictions that make it hard to get all the nutrients you need, you are likely to need some sort of supplementation. Let your personal health guide which supplements you need to include in your daily regime, and also listen to your body in order to figure out what works for you, and what doesn’t.



Outside Research

Whenever you’re considering adding a natural health supplement to your regimen, make sure to look at any outside or independent research that has been done on the main ingredients. Critically consider the various components of the study to see if the supplement could be an efficacious option to help with your health concern. Studies should be done by credible sources, such as universities or independent lab. They should include features like an appropriate sample size and factor in placebo effect in order to be considered credible. Reading as much research as you can find about the ingredients in a supplement will make you better prepared to make the best decision for your health needs.



See a Doctor

When you’re looking for supplements to improve your health or to help with a specific health concern, it’s a good idea to chat with a doctor. Certain groups of individuals may find themselves in a situation where supplements don’t go well with their current medications. Breastfeeding mothers will always want to consult with a doctor before adding in a new supplement. While most supplements will cause absolutely no problems for most people, it’s an important consideration, especially if you have a unique health condition or need.



Contact the Manufacturer

When you’re looking for the right natural health supplement for your needs, it can be beneficial to contact the supplement manufacturer. You should always feel comfortable asking about their ingredients, products, and even manufacturing processes. You can also ask for the research that they have available about the product. Any good supplement manufacturer will have a decent amount of information that you can critically evaluate to be able to decide if it’s a good fit for your needs.

The Harmony Company strives to provide you with quality natural health supplements and the information that you need in order to make an informed decision about your health. We want to provide only the best supplements possible to meet a wide range of personal health concerns. Contact us with any questions about our products!

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