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Every year, when winter rolls around, you may find yourself resigned to feeling under the weather. You might even save time off from work, anticipating that you will catch some bug and have to stay in bed. Sometimes catching a nasty bug can feel completely unavoidable, but in reality, there are a lot of simple things you can do in order to support your immune system and keep your body going strong throughout the entire year. Start utilizing the following simple things that you can do in order to keep yourself from coming down with a bug and stay healthy for the entire winter season.



1. Don’t Touch Your Face

It may be habit to brush your hair out of your face or to scratch your nose if you have an itch, but resist those urges and try not to touch your face. While there are different bugs that are capable of spreading simply by being in someone’s vicinity, most of them involve touch. If you touch a door handle or a keyboard that someone who has been under the weather touched, and then you touch your face, you greatly increase the chance that you catch their bug.



2. Provide Your Immune System with a Boostharmony-blog-artboard-3-copy-5

Your immune system can’t stave off invaders without your help. Providing your body with the right building blocks to support your immune system is important. Eating right, exercising, and making sure to provide your body with any “extras” you may be lacking can make a world of difference. The right natural health supplements in conjunction with a balanced lifestyle may help improve your immune system and get it running at peak performance. ImmPower and ImmPowerD3, manufactured by American BioSciences, provide your body with what it needs to not just keep bugs out, but to also target and destroy any invaders




harmony-blog-artboard-3-copy-23. Always Wash Your Hands

Along with not touching your face, one of the simplest things you can do in order to keep yourself healthy through the winter season is to always wash your hands. Whenever you change activities, wash your hands. After you use the bathroom, wash your hands. Anytime you touch a commonly used item, wash your hands. If washing your hands regularly just isn’t in the cards, keep a travel bottle of hand sanitizer available, as the alcohol in the product kills most germs quickly.




harmony-blog-artboard-3-copy-44. Stay Home When You’re Sick

Lastly, while this may not always be easy to do, if you come down with something, don’t go to work. You would feel gratitude if your coworker stayed home while they were feeling bad; provide them the same courtesy. By staying home, you not only give your body the chance to get better, but you also contain the pathogen and you don’t want to share it with others. Be open and communicative with your managers in order to foster understanding that you’re doing what is best for not only yourself but for the company as well.


A balanced lifestyle with a focus on health can help you stay healthy, and so may taking natural health supplements manufactured by American BioSciences. Shop our high-quality products online today with Harmony Company!

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