There are many reasons why people desire to be physically fit; from living a healthier life to enjoyment of sports and activity. People make the commitment to lose weight, become stronger, or run faster every day. Their intentions are good and their enthusiasm is high, but often they run into unforeseen obstacles which stop their fitness program dead in it’s tracks. These include a lack of time due to work or family obligations, or even illness.

The biggest reason is that the body cannot meet the physical demands necessary to meet the fitness goal. This is where problem knees, lower back discomfort, or even nerve issues come into the picture after the first week of exercise. How does one prevent these roadblocks so they can continue their chosen fitness program and reach their goals unhindered?

There are three important things you should do when starting or pumping up your workout routine.


Start Slow

It’s important to start your new exercise program slowly and gradually increase the time and intensity of your workout. This will help your body to adapt to its new way of life and will also help prevent injuries.

Stretch your muscles before and after a workout

man stretchingNext, stretching is extremely important both before and after your workouts. Many people make the mistake of stretching their muscles before the muscles are ready to be stretched. Begin your workout by exercising slowly for 5-10 minutes, (jumping jacks, running in place, a fast walk or slow jog) allowing proper blood flow into the muscles. Once your muscles are warm and supple, they are ready to be stretched.  



Extra Help

Finally, supporting your joints and muscles post-workout with an all-natural anti-inflammatory will help you avoid the problems often associated with working out. The more natural the anti-inflammatory, the better, and research has shown that all-natural, animal-based products, namely collagen and cartilage, are superior sources for joint support because they are very similar to the compounds found in our own joints. They act as direct nutrition, providing proteoglycans that assimilate to the articular, elastic, and fiber-cartilage found in your joints. Other popular supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin claim to be as effective, but most forms of these compounds are highly diluted and not nearly as effective as once thought. Anti-inflammatory herbs work in combination with animal-based, anti-inflammatory nutrients to reduce the amount of overall inflammation in the joint tissues.


Support your joints and muscles by adding an anti-inflammatory, joint support supplement, like FLEXSolve 24/7 manufactured by American BioSciences.

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Stay hydrated during and after your workouts. You don’t need as much water as you think you do while you are exercising, but replacing those lost fluids after your workout is extremely important. Also, getting plenty of sleep will help your body repair and recharge for your next workout. If you have a workout routine, sleep will come more easily.

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