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Joint concerns plague most people at some point in their lives. Aging is hard on joints, as gravity, weight gain and wear and tear take a toll. It doesn’t matter how well you take care of your joints, sometimes they fight back with excess tenderness. This can take a heavy toll on your quality of life and your mobility if you let discomfort control you. But you don’t have to live this way. There are many steps you can take in order to help reduce joint issues naturally and regain your mobility. Just check out the following to get started reclaiming your joints and your life.

The Right Supplements

It can often be hard to determine if supplements are the right direction to go for your needs. When it comes to joints, glucosamine and chondroitin are often recommended, yet there is no conclusive evidence if they actually help or not. However, there are some supplements that can help your joints and reduce discomfort. FLEXSolve 24/7, manufactured by American BioSciences, is a unique formula that helps lubricate and support joint health with its proprietary herbal blend. The blend focuses on providing mucopolysaccharides for your joints in order to help them feel their best.

The Harmony Company also carries a canine-friendly version of FLEXSolve 24/7 for your furry best friend. DPG uses similar ingredients to help keep your pet feeling their best and keep their joints strong. DPG has a few different ingredients for your pup, including turmeric, which is known for its inflammation reducing properties. Choosing premium supplements is a great place to start to help you and your canine companion’s joints.

The Right Diet

Food is an exceptionally important part of taking care of yourself and your joints. Knowing what to eat that can reduce discomfort and what foods can cause discomfort can be the difference between feeling better, or having limited mobility. Depending on the cause of your joint issues, there may be a specific diet you should try out. Some reputable sources for diet information concerning your joints include and the Cleveland Clinic. Give some of these diets a try and see what works for you, and perhaps what doesn’t, in order to improve your quality of life.



The Right Care

This may sound a bit silly, but you do need to be kind to your joints. This can include anything from not pushing yourself past your known limits when you exercise, to stretching on a regular basis. There are other ways you can provide the right care for your sore joints:

  • Warm epsom salt soaks
  • Capsaicin topical analgesics
  • Topical aromatherapy oils
  • Regular stretching or yoga


The Right Immune System

Caring for your immune system properly when you have joint malaise can help reduce the effects that you feel day to day. Boosting your immune system and providing generally good care for your whole body will help benefit your joints as well.




The Right Teas

 We love tea. And the right herbal teas can go a long way in helping out your joints when they bother you. Two teas in particular stand out as time-tested remedies to help manage joint agony. The first one to try out is white willow bark tea. The compounds absorbed in the body are related to Aspirin and have pain relieving properties without the side effects. This tea has been used for over 500 years in order to treat discomfort. Just soak some bark and add a bit of honey or lemon to enjoy. Juniper berry tea has been an effective choice to help with autoimmune-based joint distress and is a simple solution to help reduce discomfort, without the side effects of medications, due to the terpene content present in them. If nothing else, you get an enjoyable cup of tea from the process.


The Right Hydration

Unfortunately, most Americans suffer from dehydration. Getting enough water each day to sustain our health can be tricky, but if you have joint trouble, it’s absolutely critical. If you stay hydrated, you’re more likely to be able to remove inflammation from your system and help your joints to feel their best. Keep a water bottle with you at all times, and you’re sure to drink a little extra to keep you hydrated.

When you need help with your joint pain, trust the Harmony Company to be there for you. FLEXSolve 24/7 is a proprietary blend that’s been shown to help reduce joint discomfort and improve mobility, and don’t forget to pick up some DPG for your furry companion while you’re at it!


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