Your immune system has several different types of white blood cells it employs to wage the war against harmful agents that find their way into your body. The ringleader of the white blood cells are the natural killer cells.

They work in teams, ambushing and shooting down harmful cells (like guerilla warfare). In this modern day and age, they have their work cut out for them. Not only are they fighting off typical harmful agents that nature is so generous to offer to our bodies, they’re fighting off harmful cells from several other sources too: pesticides in our foods, unhealthy processed foods, pollution, and cigarettes, to name a few. Nature didn’t make, or prepare, your body for this onslaught.

Your natural killer cells are constantly overmatched and being worn down. They bind to their targets and shoot them with a chemical that causes them to burst. When they get tired, it becomes harder and harder for them to do. When that happens, the enemy cells slowly but surely cause more and more harm to the immune system, making you more tired, with less energy to enjoy life.

You can start to give your natural killer cells a fighting chance by changing some of your habits: quitting smoking (or staying away from second-hand smoke), eating healthy (unprocessed) foods, and getting enough rest. Doing those things would even the score if your natural killer cells weren’t already losing the battle. But they are. So, giving them a boost can have a huge impact on your immune system, your energy, and your life.

ImmPower rearms your natural killer cells. Think of it as a helicopter dropping off ammunition to the frontline of your immune system. It rearms them with cytotoxic granules, which they use to shoot down harmful cells. By giving the cells a boost of ammo, ImmPower in turn boosts their activity by up to 1,000%, giving them (and you) renewed energy. Not only that but it helps your natural killer cells better support the other white cells, including B-cells and T-cells, helping them run at peak performance as well.

This lets your immune system take back your body and even the score – a score that is constantly tipped in harm’s favor due to the modern day chemicals we’re always in contact with.

And the best part of ImmPower – it’s a natural supplement that only helps your body do what it’s supposed to do more effectively. You’ll quickly feel the benefits. As your immune system becomes less overworked and exhausted (by using it’s new source of ammunition and energy), so will you. You’ll wake up with more of a pep in your step and feel better overall. Don’t let your body suffer anymore, fighting a battle it can’t win on its own – a battle nature never meant for it to fight. Give it the support it needs to do its job and keep you healthy.

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