About the Harmony Company


About the Harmony Company

The Harmony Company is the largest online supplement store and distributor for American BioSciences products, and we’ve been helping customers stay healthy since 1999!

Since we started, our customers’ health has been our number one priority. We’ve built our company based on the philosophy that everyone deserves quality health supplements that are backed by science. Although we have thousands of incredible testimonials, the herbal supplements that we offer are backed by extensive scientific research.

Our business at the Harmony Company is to provide natural health solutions to our customers, and we’ve been doing that successfully since 1999.

Your health is our #1 priority

As the premier distributor of American BioSciences products, our number one priority is your good health. We strive each day to meet every one of your needs, from the best herbal supplements to excellent customer service to a dedicated staff of product specialists. We provide extensive scientific research regarding the latest, cutting-edge ingredients, so that our customers can make well-informed decisions. Our goal is to help our customers live long and healthy lives and our research team is constantly investigating new and effective ways to do that.

Our products are imported from all over the world: Japan, Australia and the USA. We believe that scientific merit is our key to success. Our products are developed based on solid, published, and peer-reviewed scientific research. In many cases, the best in the industry. That’s why our supplements are recommended by so many medical experts nationwide and why many of them have won prestigious industry accolades based on their scientific merit, safety, innovation, and efficacy.

Quality and purity

Every batch of product is subjected to extensive testing to ensure maximum freshness, quality, and purity. Every supplement is manufactured under the strictest guidelines. Our products are always fresh, always in stock, and always ready to ship.

We do all of this so that we can provide you with the finest and most efficacious products money can buy. Our long list of tens of thousands of customers can attest to that as evidenced by the numerous testimonial letters we receive.

That’s why we back our products with a 90-day Money Back Guarantee, the best in the industry, without hesitation! Your complete satisfaction and good health is what my team strives for each day!

Harmony Company’s Five Guiding Principles

  1. Scientific Merit: The ingredients in the products we carry are based on solid, scientific research.
  2. Extensive Testing, Purity and Potency: Every batch of products is subjected to extensive testing to ensure maximum freshness, quality, and purity. Our supplements are manufactured under the strictest guidelines and made according to pharmaceutical G.M.P.’s or good manufacturing practices.
  3. Certified Safety: The facilities that manufacture our supplements are licensed and certified by government regulators in Japan, Australia, Hungary, and the U.S.
  4. Outstanding Customer Service: Our number one goal is to help people get healthy…and stay that way. When you call us, we will send you any information and research we have that can be of help to you so you can make an informed decision about your health issues.
  5. 90-day Money Back Guarantee: Every one of our products is unconditionally guaranteed to give you complete satisfaction. We know that each person is different and responds to natural products in their own way. So rest assured, you’ll get the results you need and want…or you get your money back. Just call 866-298-9944 for your RETURN AUTHORIZATION # and instructions for returning one empty bottle/box and any unopened merchandise within 90 days, and we will rush you a full refund of the product cost. No questions asked!

At Harmony, we live by these principles so that you can try our products with confidence. We are here to help you in any way that we can.