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Vitamin D3 is exceptionally important for your overall health, and most people struggle to get enough on a regular basis. Between seasonal changes and regular indoor work environments, it’s now harder than ever before to get even adequate levels. It’s important for your health that you not be deficient in vitamin D3. In addition to making sure that you’re getting at least the recommended amounts, it’s worth considering taking high-dose vitamin D3 in order to help a variety of different health concerns. Because our bodies all function differently, there is no set amount that works for everyone, just typical recommendations that work for the average person. High-dose vitamin D3 can be beneficial for some people. However, while you may want to take it because it is a fat-soluble vitamin, make sure to consult with a doctor before you begin taking supplements to make sure it’s the right decision for you.


Immune Support

Vitamin D3 is important for the immune system to function properly. In fact, it’s been shown to help provide increased immune support, especially when the body needs it most. It helps to build up the body’s natural protections and provides your cells with the nutrients they need to function. But, while we all know that there are many ways that vitamin D3 provides immune support, we’d wager a guess that there are several uses that you didn’t know about, including the following.



Acne Prevention

If you’ve ever struggled with hormonal acne, you know how hard it can be to manage your skin. However, while you may be trying a bunch of different face washes, and maybe even medication, simply increasing your vitamin D3 intake could be just the trick you need to clear out all those nasty hormonal cysts. Also, if you get acne around your lymph nodes and on your neck, this is quite possibly the solution for you to help get that acne under control.



Hormone Regulation

For the same reason that high-dose vitamin D3 works for acne prevention, it also helps with natural hormone regulation. Vitamin D3 is closely tied with many of the body’s regulation processes, and if you don’t get enough of it, it will cause a variety of problems throughout your entire body. Individuals who struggle with large fluctuations in their hormones could potentially benefit from high-dose vitamin D3 to help control and regulate these hormones, including things like stress hormone cortisol.



Healthy Pregnancies

While everyone doesn’t fall into the category of needing to focus on having a healthy pregnancy, this is one very important benefit of getting at least the recommended amounts of vitamin D3. Being deficient in vitamin D3 during pregnancy puts mothers at an increased risk for preeclampsia and increases the odds that the baby will be born by Cesarean section. In addition, if a mother is deficient during pregnancy, they’re also more prone to gestational diabetes and bacterial vaginosis, neither of which is pleasant. Sufficient vitamin D3 intake can help reduce the risk to all of these conditions during a pregnancy.



Pain Reduction

High-dose vitamin D3 has been associated with a reduction in chronic discomfort. While it’s hard to know for sure what is the reason for this, individuals suffering from fibromyalgia have seen some benefits from increased vitamin D3 intake in studies. This is also a school of thought that believes there are many individuals who don’t actually suffer from fibromyalgia, but from a form of vitamin D3 deficiency that causes pain. No matter what, supporting your body with proper amounts will help your body out. In fact, even conditions involving the immune system may find benefit from high-dose vitamin D3 intake.



Continued Bone Strength

Vitamin D3 is associated with bone strength, but do you know how much it’s associated with it? If you are not getting enough, your body could be causing your bones to lose their density. Calcium and vitamin D3 work in a cycle that can both build up bone strength and reduce it. When your body has enough of both nutrients, it packs your bones full of them. However, if you don’t have enough of either one in the bloodstream, your body may raid your bones for the much needed nutrients, causing your bones to weaken. This can happen without you showing any symptoms until it’s almost too late.

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