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Your immune system is fighting an uphill battle everyday. Unless you live on a remote island away from pollution where you eat only organic foods, you are battling harmful agents every day. Even if you were on that island, your immune system still has to fight off common threats – the natural ones.

When you’re not on the island (and if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re not on a remote island), your immune system has to do double the work. First, it has to fight off everyday natural threats. It also has to fight off the man-made threats that come along with chemicals used to create processed foods and the chemicals in polluted air.

Your body wasn’t built to handle those chemicals and doesn’t know what to do with them. Your immune system treats them as enemy combatants and is in a constant state of defense. All day, every day, it’s fighting intruders to keep you healthy.

The Stress Hormone Reduces White Blood Cells 

When you’re stressed, your immune system is weakened. White blood cells do most of the dirty work for your immune system. They constantly battle invaders. When you’re stressed and the stress hormone is released into your body, an unfortunate side effect is the reduction of white blood cells in your system. Then your immune system’s disadvantage looms even larger.

Human Escapes

Many people turn to their favorite escape when they are stressed. For example, cigarettes or alcohol are two of the most common escapes. While they may give you the illusion of escaping your stress temporarily, they’re also making your immune system even weaker, which will make you feel worse and even less able to deal with your stress.

Weakness Spreads to Other Parts of the Body

When your immune system is weakened due to stress for a long period of time, it can weaken other systems in your body as well. Since your immune system can’t fight off all the everyday invaders, those invaders are able to wreak havoc throughout your body, leading to even bigger problems. ImmPower, manufactured by American BioSciences, was created to help boost your immune system to function at peak performance levels.

Do your best to lower your stress levels. Your immune system is already going through enough. Meditate, reduce your workload, and take a deep breath – or you could always go get stranded on that remote island for a while.

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