SLEEPSolve 24/7® – Healthy Sleep Support

Solve your sleep problems naturally once and for all!

SLEEPSolve 24/7 is an all natural sleep supplement containing ingredients that work against the hormones and stresses that are typically associated with tossing, turning, and overall poor sleep habits. Seditol, one of the main ingredients, has been scientifically proven to:

  • Relax the body.**
  • Provide a more restful sleep.**
  • Regain lost energy by reducing fatigue.**

**There results are from an open-label human study of 302 participants taking Seditol. The study was conducted at the LaValle Metabolic Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio. Participants took one capsule every night for at least two weeks.

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Product Description

Did you know that there are more than 60 million sleep-deprived Americans?

Between stress, financial worries, and work pressures, people are spending too many hours tossing and turning.

Getting a better night’s sleep is becoming a priority, and more and more people are looking for a natural, non-habit forming sleep aid solution.

SLEEPSolve 24/7 naturally helps regulate sleeping patterns, supporting a calm and relaxing sleep. SLEEPSolve 24/7 contains a powerful combination of four natural, non-addictive ingredients that work against the hormones and stresses that are typically associated with tossing, turning, and overall poor sleep habits.*

You relax so falling asleep at bedtime is a snap and you wake renewed and refreshed.

In the 30 tablets per bottle, SLEEPSolve 24/7 contains:

  • Seditol, an all natural combination of botanical extracts that produces muscle relaxation and calms an overactive mind in stressed individuals.
  • Melatonin that synchronizes circadian rhythms to support healthy sleep.
  • 5-HTP, from Griffonia simplicifolia seed extract, that acts as a precursor to serotonin, “the calming hormone.”
  • Magnesium Glycinate, a natural relaxing agent.

SLEEPSolve 24/7 works fast, is non-addictive, and has no drowsy side effects. You’ll wake refreshed and restored, ready to face the day!

SLEEPSolve 24/7 works all night to naturally help regulate sleeping patterns and support relaxing sleep.*

SLEEPSolve 24/7, contains natural ingredients that work against the hormones and stresses typically associated with tossing, turning and overall poor sleep. SLEEPSolve 24/7 helps calm and relax you so you can achieve a good night’s rest.*

Suggested Use:

One hour before bed, take 1 tablet ( for added benefit, 2 tablets). Allow for 7–9 hours of sleep. May take up to 7-10 days to achieve full benefit.

Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if you are hypersensitive to any ingredients in this formula. Consult with a physician prior to use of this product if you are pregnant, nursing or have any existing medical condition. May cause drowsiness. Alcohol may intensify the effect.


Click here for Seditol (Magnolia bark and Ziziphus seed) research

"I am writing to you today to tell you how very happy I am to have found your product, SLEEPSolve. I have struggled with sleep problems for quite some time. My problem is not falling asleep, it is staying asleep! Once I fall asleep, I find that I wake very easily and frequently during the night. I eventually wake not feeling refreshed, but actually exhausted!

I have been taking SLEEPSolve and have been sleeping much better. I feel rested, refreshed and in an overall good mood and no grogginess! I am very pleased with the effectiveness of this product!"

Lyn D., Tennessee

"I am writing to you today to tell you how very happy I am to have found your product, SLEEPSolve 24/7.

I have struggled with sleep problems for quite some time. I have been taking SLEEPSolve faithfully and have had great success! I wake feeling well rested and find myself in a better mood.

I am very pleased with the effectiveness of this product!"

Clerimond M., California

"I wanted to let you know of the success I’ve had with your SleepSolve 24/7.

All I can say is, wow! It’s made a big difference in my life. I don’t like being on mainstream medicine as I have in the past when younger and I’ve taken a lot of other products. But it wasn’t doing what I really needed to sleep. Then I read your ad about SLEEPSolve 24/7 and thought I had nothing to lose except more sleep.

When I started on it many months ago, I started out on one at night but realized with my long standing problem I’d need more. So I took two before bed and within approximately 3 weeks I was finding a new life of sleep I could only “dream” of before. What a difference a SLEEPSolve makes – to have a pretty good nights sleep most of the time now.

Thanks to your company and anyone else who is responsible for this great product. If only more could be aware of it. I recently recommended it to a sleepless lady I ran into. I gave her your web site. I have also recommended it to a friend and will to anyone who could use some help.

Thanks again!"

Karen L. K., California

"I’ve tried many natural sleep supplements that did not work. SLEEPSolve 24/7 finally helps me fall asleep more quickly. Thanks!"

Karolyn G., Colorado

"For as long as I can remember I’ve suffered from sleep problems. I found lack of sleep made me irritable and un-driven. I tried tons of products, but nothing seemed to give me a balance of enjoying sleep as well as being awake and alert during the day. I am constantly looking at advertisements and one in particular continued to peak my interest, SLEEPSolve 24/7. I figured no harm by trying yet another sleep aid, why not? So I inquired and to my surprise, it actually helped.

I noticed certain effects almost immediately. I took two pills about an hour before I was planning to go to sleep, as per the directions. It did not hit me like a ton of bricks like other remedies I have tried, but I felt very calm and relaxed as I followed my routine to prepare for the day ahead. After repeating the dose of two pills a night as I prepared for sleep, it continuously improved. I used to dose off a few times throughout the night but always found myself staring at the clock as it turned into the early morning; when I finally fell into a deep sleep, it felt like moments until my dreaded alarm clock went off.

For the first time in what felt like forever; I fell asleep, stayed asleep, and woke up in the morning with energy to take on the day. I had no lagged, sedated feeling and I felt like I had finally had a good night sleep, truthfully I had forgotten what it was like. I need to be able to focus and carry out all my obligations and I hadn’t realized how big of a difference a good night sleep would have on my life as a whole."

Lauren G., New York

"I had been noticing over the years increased difficulties in a good night sleep. Stress and work load played its part, and then being on the road in hotel rooms each month in different beds and location played a further roll in sleep loss.

Then I started taking SLEEPSolve 24/7 and in a few days my sleeping was noticeably improved. I fall asleep faster and sleep longer due to this wonderful product. No matter where I am…I can have a good night’s sleep, home or on the road."

Stuart C. S., California

"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much your product SLEEPSolve 24/7 has helped me. It relaxes me so that I can fall asleep easily. I never have that drugged feeling the next morning I alway have from prescription drugs. I've actually gone on auto-delivery so I never run out. I would recommend this to anyone who has trouble falling asleep at night."

Candy G., California

"I am 97 years old and have been experiencing trouble sleeping. I have tried other products that either didn’t work or had given me terrible side effects. I have been using SLEEPSolve 24/7 and I am finally able to sleep. This is the best product I have ever used!"

Kay K., New York

"I am 60 years old and have been struggling with my sleep. I have been waking in the middle of the night and having a terrible time falling back to sleep. I seem to spend most of the night awake!

"I am a very light sleeper and any sound or movement will wake me. I read about SLEEPSolve 24/7 and knew I had to try this product. Within a week of taking SLEEPSolve, my sleep patterns were so much better.

I was finally able to fall right back to sleep and wake up the next day without feeling groggy. I tested to see if this product was really working…I went one night without taking it. I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep. This product works. It has no side effects and I wake feeling refreshed."

Renee S., Arizona

"I have trouble sleeping and I have been using SLEEPSolve 24/7 every night for two months. I had tried other products before but did not have much luck with them. I usually get between seven and seven and one half hours of sleep a night after taking SLEEPSolve. This product helps me sleep!

Eugene P., Virginia

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