NK-9® Immune System Support for Pets

The #1 natural health secret that keeps pets healthy and happy!

NK-9’s ingredient, AHCC, supports a pet’s immune system by increasing Natural Killer (NK) cell activity.

NK-cells are the most important white blood cell type in the immune system. Their main role is to patrol the body, seeking and destroying any harmful cells that threaten your pet’s physical well-being. Nothing defends your pet’s health better than NK-9!

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Product Description

Want to keep your pet’s immune system tough? Need to help your furry friend sidestep a health challenge?

Your pet is aging far more rapidly than you. That’s why, for them, a super healthy immune system is even more vital. As early as middle age, their immune system begins to weaken, leaving them vulnerable. But here’s good news!

  • NK-9’s ingredient supports your pet’s immune system by maintaining Natural Killer (NK) cell activity as they age . NK-cells are your pet’s most important white blood cell type.
  • Keeps healthy pets strong.
  • Proven research.

Want to help your pet maintain a long, healthy, and happy life? Then start bulletproofing your pet’s immune system today with NK-9. It’s your best friend’s best protection!

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NK-9 usage

"We strongly believe that NK-9 has given Jack (14 yr old beagle on NK-9 for 2 years) added years, and we are so grateful to have him spend that time with us. He shows no sign of declining health, and in fact he seems healthier all the time."

Jan O., Florida

"We have two old mixed breed dogs and we have been so pleased with the increased energy in them after using NK9 and DGP. There have been no side effects and we are so happy to have our pets doing so well."

Cici V., Virginia

"Hospital work is grueling for our working dogs. We provide Animal Assisted Therapy Programs, Service Dogs, and Dog Training in the Atlanta area. It takes highly trained, healthy dogs to provide patients with the best service. We rely on NK-9 and DGP to keep our dogs healthy and sound."

Kellie C. at Cosby's Therapy Animals, Georgia

"I have an 11.5 year old black lab German Sheppard mix who weighs 115 pounds. He has experienced problems with seasonal allergies for the last seven years. Our normal summer time routine has been rounds of antibiotics, antidepressants and steroids to control his itching, chewing and related skin infections. None of these treatments has been more than 75% successful and it usually is just a waiting game for the first freeze to help with his allergies. We’ve gone the route of changing his diet, eliminating foods, ripping out all of the carpeting in our house (replaced with hardwood floors) and have tried various over the counter meds with little to no help.

A nutritionist suggested I try DGP and NK-9. Within four hours of putting him on these two supplements, I could already see a difference in how he felt. His skin looked less angry, he stopped licking and chewing his feet and in general he seemed to feel better. His energy level has increased, he’s climbing stairs again; getting up on the furniture, barking at his one year old brother and for the first time in months he picked up his Frisbee, wanting to play again. He has only been on the meds for less than two weeks. But the changes are very obvious already. I can not wait to see how he feels in a few weeks or months.

These products are truly the fountain of youth for my dog. What a huge blessing for us. Thank you for your help with these products."

Dennis A., Minnesota

"I have been telling everybody about your product that I have tried for my dog. I went into a local natural pet market and was recommended NK-9. I saw improvement within 2 days! It has been 5 days that she has been on it. Thank you soooo much! I am very grateful! I cannot wait to try your other products."

Sara J., Illinois

"I am a true believer in the American Biosciences products I have tried. Many thanks to my acquaintances at Harmony Company for letting me know about these great products. In particular, I have an elderly English setter, Commander, who has just turned 15, and has benefited from both DGP and NK-9 in the past several years.

I am very pleased with the results! I truly feel that with the help of NK-9, Commander is able to do the best he can. His spirits are good, his appetite great, and we walk 1- 2 miles regularly. Thanks!

Stacy L., Maine

"To make a long story short, I will get right to the point! I have been walking this dog that belongs to my neighbor for about two year's. Anyhow, I have adult on-set diabetes. Because this dog is confined all day long, I decided to take him with me when I run. This is a plus for both of us. It makes me want to go and run when I don’t feel like it! He gets out of his confinement where he is penned all day and night.

I had heard about alternative medicine because I was subscribing to the Alternative magazine. I called and asked if they had medicine for animals. They told me about NK-9. I started this dog as per directions.

In a few weeks, he was back to his usual self: his hair came back and he gained his weight back. He was very energetic and for being 17 plus years old acted a lot younger for his age! I think that the product NK-9 really and truly helped him. He is still going strong.

I am now giving it to a feral cat of mine and I believe that he also will recover."

Willie A., Colorado

"Jack was 12 when we adopted him, and because of his advanced age and our concern about his health, we began giving him NK9 for his immune system. He just turned 14, and the vet says he's in remarkable condition, especially for a dog who spent his whole life outdoors...and unfortunately the last few years of his life were spent with him being tied to a tree with no shelter from the elements and often without even basic flea control medications.

We strongly believe that the NK-9 has given him added years, and we are so grateful to have him spend that time with us. He shows no sign of declining health, and in fact he seems healthier all the time. He is active and healthy and pain free."

Jan O., Florida

"When we started with DGP and NK-9 we were just looking for comfort for Rip, not necessarily to lengthen his life (quality vs. quantity) but it is now 7 months going into 8 months and he has shown improvement with his walking, eating. All I can think is that this product has made such a huge difference in a 17 year old, what will it do for a younger dog? I’m telling all dog owners I know about this! Thank you seems inadequate for what DGP and NK-9 have done – but thank you."

Jean U., Minnesota

"Recently my husband and I took in a 10 year old yellow lab who had a lot of health problems. One is a barely usable left hind leg. She has had this problem for a long time. I asked what we could do to make Duckie (the lab) more comfortable. As the vet knows, we are using DGP and NK-9 on another dog we own. She said use DGP. I had thought because this was such an old injury and Duckie mostly by habit just walks this way that DGP wouldn’t help.

I started using DGP and NK-9 the last week in May. Two nights ago, my neighbor was over and noticed Duckie was walking on all fours, then proceeded to trot – a very punishing gait as all 4 feet take weight equally. I was so happy to see her use all 4 legs with no sign of a limp.

Last evening we played fetch. Duckie, true to her breed is obsessed with ball catching. After doing some spectacular leaps, we quit and Duckie was still not limping. This morning, she was not stiff. I don’t recommend pushing a dog but it is nice to see Duckie can get to do things she loves so much.

We will play fetch maybe a couple of times a week for a few minutes. Thank you so much!"

Bruce U., Minnesota

"Thank you for your assistance and the good news that your great product, NK-9, had not been discontinued. My dog was off the product for approximately a week, but immediately resumed the product last Friday and actually seems more alert and stronger. She is on a number of supplements and I have been trying to determine why she did not seem to feel well or have as much energy – possibly being without your product for a few days was, at least, in part the cause.

Cleo (my 13 ½ year old Doberman) has been receiving your NK-9 supplement since March. I wanted an excellent product to enhance/boost her immune system and I looked into ImmPower and learned that NK-9 was an equivalent product for dogs. She was on one NK-9 a day initially but I increased her to two a day on July 8th.

Thank you again for your help and especially for your wonderful products."

Diane F., Ohio

"I have 2 Shih-Poo’s that are both 6 years old. They are both wonderful dogs. I give them both DGP and NK-9 to help with their joint issues and their immune system. Thank you for this wonderful product!"

Anne G., California


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