DGP® – Joint Support for Pets

All-natural-formula for pets' joints and mobility

DGP is the best all-natural joint supplement for dogs and pets who struggle with their joints and mobility. Developed by leading Australian scientists and herbalists, DGP is a complete, all-natural formula that:

  • Supports mobility and flexibility.
  • Eases aches and discomfort caused by daily exercise, activity, and training.
  • Works quickly, just one week for results.

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Product Description

Doesn’t it break your heart to see your pet slow down, struggle to get up, have trouble climbing stairs, or struggle to jump onto the bed?

Don’t let them struggle anymore!

DGP, an all-natural formula, works quickly and more completely than most other natural products, without the negative side effects of most prescription medications. DGP:

  • Supports mobility and flexibility.
  • Is veterinarian recommended.
  • Is all-natural and safe.
  • No need to use harsh medications or to wait for glucosamine and chondroitin to work.

Let DGP help your pet be the carefree and playful member of the family you know and love. Join the thousands of pet owners and veterinarians that wouldn’t think of letting their four-legged family member go a day without DGP!

DGP: your pet will thank you!

Supplementation Suggestion: 1 tablet for every 30 lbs of your dog’s weight.

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"My dog Winnie, a greyhound, has been taking DGP for years. She is now 15 and has the energy of a dog half her age, she even races our 3-year old lab!"

Lisa T., Nebraska

"I gave DGP to my 10 year old German Shepherd who was having major joint and mobility problems. After 2 days, I noticed her mobility, attention span and temperament. I recommend this product to anyone who truly loves their pet and wants to help them be drug-free."

Janet A., Florida

"I began using DGP 3 or 4 months ago. DGP has produced amazing results! Clifford just had his 14th birthday and is more comfortable because DGP. I thank you for this wonderful remedy!"

Juliette S., Washington

"DGP was highly recommended by many, many dog owners who were already giving it to their beloved pets. I took him off the other stuff he was taking and began DGP. Within seven to ten days, I would say WOW! I am convinced it works for him, so much so, that DGP is a staple in my pets' supplements!"

Bernadette C. Illinois

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