Why Do Our Immune Systems Struggle So Much During the Winter?

It has always seemed like an old wives tale that being out in the cold can make you sick. More often than not, doctors would chock up individuals getting sick during the winter due to increased time indoors, or to other behavioral factors that can cause lots of individuals to not feel so hot during…read more


The Many Benefits of Drinking Tea

If you love to drink tea, then you’re in luck. A variety of teas have been around for thousands of years, and many have thought that they have amazing health and healing benefits. While tea is not a cure-all for many health conditions, there have been many studies looking at the different types and how…read more


What’s Up with Being Gluten-Free?

It was less than ten years ago that anyone who wanted to be or had to be gluten-free didn’t have many options. Restaurants weren’t serving gluten-free meals. Grocery stores didn’t carry gluten-free baking mixes. In fact, if you wanted to bake, the only option was rice flour that could be occasionally found at local health…read more

Tips for Improving Gut Health

You may think that your gut is your enemy, especially when it causes both uncomfortable and embarrassing side effects. Your digestive health is incredibly important to your energy levels, your immune health, and your ability to get proper nutrition. Keeping your digestive system healthy can lead to fewer problems with your bowels and even more…read more

10 Low-Impact Activities to Protect Your Joints

Your joints feel the profound effects of age more than any other part of your body. Your joints take the daily wear and tear of your body weight, and aging can cause joint discomfort. Often, doctors will say that extreme pharmaceutical medications and surgery are the answer, plus they will encourage individuals to not let…read more

How Being Active Boosts Your Immune System

Previously on the blog, we talked about diets and how weight loss has been boiled down to 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise. By boiling down weight loss to mostly diet, you lose other aspects of a healthy lifestyle by implying that a good diet means you will be healthy. That’s not the case. The…read more

Sorting Through Fad Diets and Losing Weight Safely

One of the biggest struggles any individual will deal with is maintaining a healthy weight throughout their entire life. When an individual hits their mid-twenties to early thirties, their metabolism has slowed down from when they were younger. Their eating habits probably have not changed to match their slower metabolism. This provides a surplus of…read more

Managing Sensitive Stomachs

Having a food allergy or a sensitive stomach can make eating a less-than-enjoyable experience. In fact, it can have you asking why you even bother to try new foods or try to eat healthy. Having a sensitive stomach doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy food. You simply have to use a bit of caution and your best…read more

Alarming News about the Current Flu Strain

The rise in positive flu tests seen recently in medical labs across the country not only tells us that flu season is upon us, but that the strain for flu season 2017 is the more severe “A” type strain called H3N2. Unfortunately, this is not the strain that flu vaccines are very effective with. The…read more